New era in diagnostic ultrasound

New era in diagnostic ultrasound
22.08.2019 3818

New era in diagnostic ultrasound

An international conference "New era in diagnostic ultrasound" was held in the capital.

More than 200 guests from Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal and other countries attended the event sponsored by the Ministry of Health, the Institute for Improvement of Physicians, the Arash Medical Company and Canon Medical Systems.

Speaking at the conference, Vice-Rector of the Institute for the Improvement of Physicians, Tayyar Eyvazov spoke about the development of our country in the World Health System. Other experts have reported on "New superfluous means" and "Characterization of focal liver derivatives". Minoru Aoki, Global Research Support Manager at Canon Medical Systems, spoke about the state-of-the-art medical equipment used in our country and the professionalism of the medical staff.

Then the guests got acquainted with new innovative medical equipment.

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