Medical colposcope is an optical or digital device designed for a general study of the mucous membranes of the cervix and vagina. The colposcope consists of a stereoscopic binocular or digital video camera, a lighting device and a tripod.
The colposcope in gynecology is used to clarify the diagnosis of gynecological diseases. The device mounted on a tripod allows conducting stereoscopic observations without direct contact with the organs under examination.

The device provides a non-contact way to examine the cervix, vagina and other internal female genital organs.
All the results of stereoscopic observation are aimed at early recognition of such a dangerous disease as cervical cancer. The results of stereoscopic observation are aimed at early detection of such a dangerous disease as cervical cancer.

Cytological examinations of the cervix through a colposcope are considered more accurate than other tests. This fact makes this device the most in-demand equipment in modern gynecology.
The intensity of gynecological examinations keeps increasing precisely because of the comfortable diagnostic conditions. The colposcope not only guarantees the exact results of the tests conducted but also allows detecting the hidden forms of gynecological diseases.

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