Mammography is a branch of medical diagnostics that deals with the non-invasive examination of the mammary glands (mainly women). 

Mammography Equipment

Breast diseases can, without exaggeration, be called one of the most common and serious problems for women's health. Modern medicine prefers using mammographs to diagnose pathologies. Mammography equipment is able to detect any changes in breast tissues even in the very early stages. Mammographs show the scale and nature of the pathological process, allow doctors to prescribe timely treatment and prevent the development of dangerous disease.

Mammography is a diagnostic procedure that is performed by the vast majority of modern clinics. There is a great demand for this service, which allows bringing the medical institution to a higher level of service. This is even more relevant if a full-format digital mammography system is used. Such equipment opens up ample opportunities for high-quality and effective diagnostics.
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