PET-CT scanners are one of the latest advances in nuclear medicine, which significantly increases the effectiveness of non-invasive diagnostics. The equipment combines the capabilities of CT devices and positron emission tomography. The main purpose of devices is the high-precision scanning of human organs. PET-CT diagnostics is painless, but the procedure involves the introduction of an intravenous special substance - a biologically active compound, which emits positrons in the process of decay. The radioactive indicator accumulates best in organs and systems affected by cancer cells. So, the metabolic process is significantly enhanced in them - the emission of positrons in this part is much stronger than in a healthy organ. The scanner immediately captures the body parts in which the drug emits an abnormally strong glow.

The main advantage of such diagnostic equipment as PET-CT is its complexity. The procedure makes it possible to recognize the symptoms of the disease long before it manifests itself. Thanks to modern PET / CT scanners, doctors enjoy the opportunity to successfully fight oncology, and patients have a chance to recover.

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