Arash Medical Company provides the following services and products to its clients:

  • Training of medical and technical staff (page)
  • Supply of medical equipment
  • Supply of medical devices
  • Supply of medical consumables
  • Service
  • Medical gas service
  • Delivery service
  • Training of medical and technical staff
  • Repair and restoration of medical equipment
  • Design
  • Medical furniture

Warranty and post-warranty preventive maintenance

The warranty period is considered to have commenced since the day the medical equipment was installed and delivered. The equipment is periodically calibrated. Our service engineers make various business trips to the companies we collaborate with, get acquainted with technical innovations, and develop training. After the equipment is delivered to the customer, spare parts of that equipment are ordered and stored in the warehouse. This allows the medical personnel to be free from waiting for the order of the unit if any part of the equipment fails.


Each device you purchase will be designed and delivered by highly qualified engineers.


Our customers can pay both cash and non-cash when shopping.