About us

Company history

The history of Arash Medical, which is chosen by leading healthcare professionals to receive professional services for continuing education, as well as the use of innovative technologies, began 25 years ago. Since its foundation, the company has always been a leader in the industry and a guarantor of quality, reliability and professionalism in the market.


The main goal of the company’s partnership with leading industry brands is to provide the market with the necessary quality and reliable medical equipment and supplies. The company is also involved in the professional maintenance of equipment and devices. Service specialists annually take part in seminars and trainings in different countries of the world and due to this they confidently keep their finger on the pulse of the technical side of their activities.


Expanding the use of the latest technology in the country's healthcare through the provision of high-quality world-class equipment is the main objective of Arash Medical.

The key mission of the company is to maintain a leading position in its field, based on relationships with customers built on respect, fairness, integrity and decency.

Future review

The most accurate analysis of the conditions of the medical sector, with the concepts of “Preserving the reputation of a reliable institution, long-term planning, with the priority of satisfying medical personnel, professionalism and quality”, a stable and continuous increase in the contribution we made to the sector as a whole in the most suitable business conditions, is one of main goals of the company.

The company continues its activities with leadership in the sector, thanks to medical equipment manufactured using modern and innovative technologies imported by us. Given the conditions of high competition in the healthcare sector, as well as the wishes and expectations of customers, Arash Medical Company CJSC considers it a priority to constantly improve both products and services.

Management's message

“We have always made the most of our contributions to the health sector with our professional staff, making the best use of our strength and time.

I believe that we will continue to work harder on this path and meet the needs of the market, keeping up customer satisfaction.”

Kamran Mammadov